Reviews for The Last Winter of Dani Lancing

The Last Winter UK PB
“Brilliant! P. D. Viner’s writing is audacious, clever and bold. I think he’ll go far.”
Sophie Hannah, author of The Wrong Mother

“An exciting thriller that is also deeply moving. A hugely impressive debut.”
Mark Billingham, author of Rush of Blood

“Inventive, clever, and beautifully written. This novel of a single crime’s ripple effects on the survivors is told with ingenious plotting and rich, true characters. A bold and impressive debut.”
— Ace Atkins, New York Times bestselling author of The Broken Places


The Last Winter of Dani Lancing marks the debut of a major new voice in crime fiction. P. D. Viner has crafted a deeply textured psychological thriller that reveals, layer by tragic layer, the damage wrought by a single act of homicide. A remarkably assured and thrilling read. Look forward to more.”
— Michael Harvey, author of The Innocence Game

“Book choice: This cracking debut traces the events that led up to student Dani’s murder. An entertaining thriller but also a moving examination of loss, memory and morality.” — Sunday Mirror

“…a genuinely intriguing read.” — The Guardian

“For a chill up your spine, delve into this psychological thriller by P.D. Viner. ” — Elle Magazine

“For those suspense readers who are looking for an extremely deep and involved plot that jumps from character to character and keeps them on their toes at all times, this is the one!… Solid writing from this new author will keep their target reader more than intrigued.” — Suspense magazine

“There is an ease to Viner’s writing seldom achieved in crime fiction, that does make this book exceedingly difficult to put down- I read this almost in one sitting… this really is a book fair bursting with the gamut of human emotion…the power and intelligence of the writing kept me reading. An excellent debut and a refreshing new voice in crime fiction.” — Raven Crime Reads

“Sharply drawn characters populate the pages of Viner’s accomplished debut, which shifts between past and present, steadily ratcheting up the suspense.”— Booklist

“Compelling is a word reviewers use far too often, but this highly original and emotionally charged debut from P D Viner is just that. This strange, deeply-layered psychological thriller is less of a crime book – although murder, rape, drugs and police corruption all play a part – than a clever and often moving examination of the ripple effects the damage from a single killing can inflict on the survivors. This inventive, exciting and often moving thriller makes an impressive debut. The denouement, showing that the same feelings can motivate evil and as well as good, is a final inventive leap from someone who presents his case with intelligence and feeling – and expects the same from his readers.” — Crime Review

“Every now and then crime novels come along that bend the genre and take it into new possibilities. The Last Winter of Dani Lancing is such a novel, as are Kate Atkinson’s Life After Li fe and Lauren Beukes’s The Shining Girls. For those of us who like, and are used to, the predictability of mainstream crime fiction, reading these books is a slight shock to the system as well as a delight…This is a novel about the power – not always benign – of love and memory; about obsession and remorse; about revenge and its aftermath, as much as it is about a mystery and its solution. But it is also satisfyingly about that. The book is extremely well-written; the characters are plausible, intense and interesting, there are deft touches of humour and the plot is sound… a great read.” — The Newtown Review of Books

“P.D. Viner really proves himself to be a master at that slow turn of the handle revealing a twist and then taking a step in a different direction, making this reader wait for the next revelation” — Cleopatra Loves Books

“In Viner’s feverish psychological thriller, family and friends of Dani Lancing, who was raped and murdered 20 years ago, go to frightening lengths to get to the bottom of, or obscure the facts of, the cold case. Once readers hook into the book’s fragmented approach, this becomes a chilly, emotionally charged page-turner… it will hook readers with its intensity and puzzlelike plot.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Told in fractured time, with a breathless pace and masterful plotting, The Last Winter of Dani Lancing is a superb thriller: swift, edgy, gripping, and unforgettable.” — My Bookish Ways

“Enjoyable, satisfying, interesting ……..all fairly meaningless adjectives when praising this remarkable read. Viner’s depiction of a family’s grief and the fractures that follow is heart-rending. The twists in the narrative when 20 years after Dani Lancing’s death, things begin to move towards a resolution are astonishing. Hard to believe this is a first book. Definitely an author to look out for in the future. Bang! Viner smacks it out of the park!” — Col’s Criminal Library

“A wonderful story, a superb debut… Whatever you do stick with it, this is a remarkable book and deserves to be read.” — Milo’s Rambles



The Last Winter of Dani Lancing is a gorgeously written literary mystery about the death of one young girl, and how its repercussions have lasted a lifetime… Both thought provoking and well written, The Last Winter of Dani Lancing is a novel that fans of psychological thrillers and literary mysteries should absolutely consider. It has fully realized, flawed characters whose motives readers will want to dissect. As Dani’s true story slowly unfolds, readers will be captivated by the honest portrayal of grief and loneliness that is weaved through the pages of this novel.” — S. Krishna’s Books

“I LOVE crime fiction and this books rates among the best that I have read.When the reveal of what actually happened to Dani comes, it is a complete surprise – but I don’t want to ‘pre-blow your socks’ – I’d definitely recommend you read the book yourself.” — It Takes A Woman

“Don’t miss this riveting, highly recommended thriller! It will haunt you.” — BookLoons

“Add to this solid storytelling, some wonderful twists and of course tightly woven prose all round helps this book achieve its goal to give you something unique. Great stuff.” — Falcata Times

“Whether you like murder mysteries, love stories, ghost stories or all of the above, there’s something in this book for you.” — Jo Kawasaki

“P.D. Viner shows us how each of these key persons knew Dani and what they knew of her life. The story of The Last Winter of Dani Lancing draws us in with the complicated plotting, memorable characters, and an engrossing story. If you enjoyed Gone Girl, AA Harrison’s The Silent Wife, and Defending Jacob, you should pick up a copy of The Last Winter of Dani Lancing.Starting Fresh NYC

“This book took me completely by surprise. It was nothing at all like my expectations, it was much better, and another of my one sitting reads.” —

“I don’t read much crime fiction because I find it quite dry and heavy going, but this is far from typical of the genre. It is a book that is easy to read and hard to put down, and while there are a good many details surrounding the crimes that have and will occur, there is also a good smattering of family life, love and emotion included too to round out the story.” —

“This is a debut novel and I agree with the comments that it’s a really strong first outing. Makes me jealous in fact as I’d love to write this well.” — The Family Book Blog

“I did read the book in record time for me these days … and the style is haunting. Viner successfully explores the destruction of a family in the wake of the death of a child, and demonstrates how family secrets can have lasting effects.” — The Piker Press

“This is a tale of cover-ups, guilt and mixed motives that unravels slowly to a series of unexpected twists.It is original and beautifully written.” — Mean Streets

“This is a skilfully written and intriguing crime novel and it undoubtedly held my interest throughout. The characterisation of all the main players is very strong and the author gives a credible portrayal of how grief has affected them differently. A well and cleverly written book and an enjoyable read overall, though, that will certainly encourage me to look out for the author’s future work. Recommended.” — FictionFan’s Book Reviews

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