The Last Winter of Dani Lancing

dani high res

“…a genuinely intriguing read.” — The Guardian

“… a moving examination of loss, memory and morality.” — Sunday Mirror

“Inventive, clever, and beautifully written.” — Ace Atkins, author of The Broken Places

“A  remarkably assured and thrilling read.” — Michael Harvey, author of The Innocence Game

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Summer of Ghosts

“… a modern-day revenge tragedy written in poetic style, yet is laced with grim wit.” Sunday Mirror

“… a clever and original book. It is also quite unsettling…”

a genuinely intriguing crime thriller. A fresh, striking look at the crime novel, which will satisfy any fan of the thriller genre.”

“…has important points to make about fathers and daughters. I admire Viner’s way with words.”

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