The Murder Manual

I am dead excited that I am organising an event for the amazing Brighton Science Festival at the Sallis Benney Theatre on Friday 26th February at 7.30. I will be with two incredible police officers, Detective Superintendent Adam Hibbert, Head of Surrey and Sussex Major Crime Team, who has led over 30 homicide investigations as well as other serious crimes. Trevor […]

Published on: 25 January 2016
Posted by: P.D. Viner

Review: Summer of Ghosts

A book blog posted a review of Summer of Ghosts today. It is an interesting blog and the review is very thoughtful and considered – and positive, so that’s nice. But it is also unusual and made me really happy. ‘Haunting and thrilling..’ it said. Great, that is what you want in a crime novel. ‘Spiritual […]

Published on: 20 February 2015
Posted by: P.D. Viner

First crime film discovered

I have just celebrated a big birthday (one of those milestone years) and it led to me scrambling about in old boxes looking for photos in a nostalgic frenzy. I found plenty of those but I also came across some old home movies. As a kid I was given a super 8mm movie camera by […]

Published on: 9 February 2015
Posted by: P.D. Viner

I can reveal the proposed paperback cover for Summer of Ghosts due out on April 9th 2015. I love the colours and the new font. The image is of the west pier in Brighton, my home town and the location for part of the book.

Published on: 8 December 2014
Posted by: P.D. Viner

Grilled by Lloyd Paige

A few weeks ago the blogger/interviewer/reviewer and general all-round book loving guy, Lloyd Paige, jumped on the train and came down to Brighton for a chat. We went to one of my favourite lunch places – la Choza in the North Laine and then looked at comic-book art before sitting down with a double espresso […]

Published on: 14 November 2014
Posted by: P.D. Viner

Welcome to the new site

So the news is that I have finally updated my website. Yay! There are a few old things to read, but going forward I pledge to write daily – no weekly – no… when I have something to say. Actually that may be infrequent. Until a book comes out I am pretty much drinking coffee, eating […]

Published on: 6 November 2014
Posted by: P.D. Viner

Summer of Ghosts is here

After so much worry and doubt my second novel is released today. is it okay to say I am incredibly proud of it? Oh hell, let’s just say… I am so proud. I am also so thankful to my agent Simon Trewin and my editor Gillian Green. The launch party was great fun and I […]

Published on: 13 August 2014
Posted by: P.D. Viner

Audiobook is go

Here is a teaser for the audiobook of ‘The Last Winter of Dani Lancing.’ It has been produced as an unabridged full-cast drama. It stars Michael Maloney as Jim, Lucy Robertson as Patty, Steven Elder as Tom (The Sad Man) and Anisha Charania as Dani. Have a listen:  

Published on: 11 October 2013
Posted by: P.D. Viner

The Launch of my first novel

Almost a year after the fateful phone call, where my agent informed me that I had sold my book – here it is at last. I am so grateful to all those who attended (120 family and friends) especially as the weather was so awful. My darling daughter was there and Catherine Smith who played […]

Published on: 13 September 2013
Posted by: P.D. Viner

Out with the police

I am a little ashamed to say, I have never been arrested, questioned, or even cautioned by the police. These are rubbish credentials for a crime writer. However I did have a formative interest in police procedure. At ten years old I was captain of the Metropolitan Police Quiz team for my school. In 1975 […]

Published on: 10 July 2013
Posted by: P.D. Viner