The Time of Ghosts

I am writing this story to commemorate and celebrate a date that has become very important in my life. February 7 th 1989.

It is the date that the world, and most importantly Patricia and Jim Lancing, discovered the death of their daughter Dani Lancing. She was only twenty-one years old when she died… was murdered.

As I write this, on February 3 rd 2014, I am just a few days away from the twenty – fifth anniversary of her death. From that point in history, like a stone dropping into a lake, I am charting the ripples her death makes in the lives of her family and friends.

I have planned three novels and five linked novellas to tell this story… but I had not considered the importance of this date on my tale and on me personally. So here is a short story. It is my gift to Dani on her death – day.

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