Jim Lancing

jimJim Lancing was a lucky man, he thought he was the luckiest man alive. He met the love of his life at Birmingham University, Patty. She was the editor of the student paper and an activist – he fell in love almost at once. They married after graduation and both their careers took off. Patty as a crime journalist and Jim as an architect. They had a child, Dani, who he adored and would do anything for. They moved to Greenwich when he got a great job and after a short time at home, Patty got her dream job of crime correspondent at the Daily Mirror. It was like a dream. As I said, Jim Lancing was the luckiest man in the world. But his luck ran out. Dani, in her final year at Durham University, was abducted and murdered. It was bad enough that he lost his daughter, but he also lost his wife. The crime that stole his daughter also obsessed his wife. She literally built walls around herself – the walls of death. She covered them in the witness statements and coroner’s reports and endless questions of the case. And she put up pictures of Dani. Pictures of her from the crime scene – pictures of her dead. Jim could not bear to see them. Finally Patty left him, she could no longer bear his kindness.

He burned with grief and prayed for his wife and daughter to come back – and his daughter did. Her ghost came to live with him. She didn’t remember what happened at the end, those final weeks but that didn’t matter to Jim – he just needed someone to be with him. Everything calms down then and they find a way to exist together, for years… Until Patty calls out of the blue. She needs him. And Jim must go to her so that together they can finally discover the truth of their daughter’s death.