Dani Lancing

daniDani Lancing is beautiful, intelligent, funny young woman – life is pretty easy for her. She has great friends, a boy (Tom Bevans) who idolises her, her Dad gives her anything she wants… but she wants more. She wants something quirky, dangerous, and exciting – she picks the wrong boys and suddenly life is all a bit more difficult. She doesn’t get to the university she wants – but still does well, life is good. And then it’s gone. In her final year at Durham she goes missing and is found dead three weeks later.

Those final weeks are a total mystery. Her death sends out shock waves through her friends and family that continue for more than twenty years. Tom Bevans, the boy who loves her becomes a policeman to avenge her death and make amends for not keeping her safe. Her mother, a crime journalist, becomes obsessed with solving the mystery surrounding her death. Her father… well he burns with regrets, guilt and longing. So Dani Lancing comes back from the dead for him and they live together – two lonely souls keeping each other company. Her ghost does not remember what happened to her – and that is fine, until there is a break in the case after more than twenty years. Finally the mystery can be solved, and Dani is scared. Why is she so scared? What can be worse than death?