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Patty Lancing

At the opening of The Last Winter of Dani Lancing, Patty Lancing has a man she has kidnapped, tied to a chair and aches to kill.

Patty concept sketchShe is sixty-five years old, lives alone surrounded by the walls of death and is obsessed with solving the mystery surrounding her daughter. Dani was abducted and murdered, more than twenty years ago (1989), and that event shattered Patty’s life and trapped her in an all-consuming need to find the man who did this and punish him. Kill him...

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Tom Bevans

Tom Bevans loved Dani Lancing – no, that isn’t quite right; Tom Bevans still loves Dani Lancing.

Best Tom character design_He fell in love with her when he was five and together they were cast as Mary and Joseph in the school nativity. A desire to protect and love Dani Lancing was etched into his young heart and it has never gone away. Whenever she was in trouble – he was there for her, always hoping she would realise he was the man for her. Maybe she would have loved him – but at the age of twenty-one she was murdered. For Tom, now a young policeman, that was the day he became The Sad Man...

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Dani Lancing

Dani Lancing is beautiful, intelligent, funny young woman – life is pretty easy for her.

dani-sketchShe has great friends, a boy (Tom Bevans) who idolises her, her Dad gives her anything she wants… but she wants more. She wants something quirky, dangerous, and exciting – she picks the wrong boys and suddenly life is all a bit more difficult.

She doesn’t get to the university she wants – but still does well, life is good. And then it’s gone. In her final year at Durham she goes missing and is found dead three weeks later...

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Jim Lancing

Jim Lancing was a lucky man, he thought he was the luckiest man alive.

jim-sketchHe met the love of his life at Birmingham University, Patty. She was the editor of the student paper and an activist – he fell in love almost at once. They married after graduation and both their careers took off. Patty as a crime journalist and Jim as an architect. They had a child, Dani, who he adored and would do anything for. They moved to Greenwich when he got a great job and after a short time at home, Patty got her dream job of crime correspondent at the Daily Mirror. It was like a dream. As I said, Jim Lancing was the luckiest man in the world. But his luck ran out...

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