Summer of Ghosts

The Beautiful skin murders, that was what the officers of Operation Ares called them back in 2006-2007. Three dead girls, but there was no link between them, the case went unsolved and forgotten. Until…

A father calls his daughter, but whoever answers is not Pia but his daughter’s killer. He must listen, horrified, to the sounds of his only child being murdered, powerless to intervene as the killer utters two chilling words, Beautiful Skin.

Many men’s thoughts would turn to vengeance and Pia’s father is far more resourceful than mot. He is not the reserved businessman his daughter always believed him to be, but Franco, a notorious London drug lord who will call in all his debts to find his daughter’s killer. Including the one owed to him by The Sad Man

Franco will drag Tom Bevans back into hell and with him, Dani Lancing’s parents Patty an Jim. They both have unfinished business with Franco and Tom and Patty has a burning need to avenge these dead young women. She needs to make good on the promises she made to Dani, she needs revenge for all the Lost Souls.