The Murder Manual

I am dead excited that I am organising an event for the amazing Brighton Science Festival at the Sallis Benney Theatre on Friday 26th February at 7.30.

I will be with two incredible police officers, Detective Superintendent Adam Hibbert, Head of Surrey and Sussex Major Crime Team, who has led over 30 homicide investigations as well as other serious crimes. Trevor Bowles is a recently retired Detective Chief Inspector, he has led 16 homicide investigations as well as other serious crimes.

So the evening is going to be fantastic as we investigate an investigation – especially the Golden Hour. That is the precious few hours after the murder when so much must be done and Adam and Trevor are masters at managing the golden hour principles; forensics, witnesses, suspects, family, community – and most importantly, finding those responsible.

So join us for the Murder Manual and discover the skills, resources and problems the police tackle in managing a crime scene and securing evidence to help in identifying and convicting the person responsible; from statements, surveillance and forensics. See the reality of how they deal with witnesses, the family and the community. Discover the truth of a murder hunt – this is not the TV version, we break those myths. Come and see for yourself get your hands dirty and learn the truth.

This is not fiction, this is where science is a matter of life and death.

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Published on: 25 January 2016
Posted by: P.D. Viner