Review: Summer of Ghosts

A book blog posted a review of Summer of Ghosts today. It is an interesting blog and the review is very thoughtful and considered – and positive, so that’s nice. But it is also unusual and made me really happy. ‘Haunting and thrilling..’ it said. Great, that is what you want in a crime novel. ‘Spiritual and uplifting…’ What? And that is what made me happy, not that I have gone all songs of praisey, but in writing about Franco’s attempts to rise above his criminal life so far, for the sake of his daughter,  and for Tom Bevans to let go of the guilt he has carried for thirty years – I had tried to lift up these injured souls. I am an atheist, so there is no God in my books – but I am a humanist and I believe deeply in the human spirit and its ability to change and grow – so yes, spiritual and uplifting Godless crime writing. That description works for me.

Here is the review.



Published on: 20 February 2015
Posted by: P.D. Viner